Club Telescopes


Great for the moon and planets! Set is up on a picnic table with the legs, align to north, and you have an equatorial mount that will allow you to track objects as they move across the sky.  It is a 102mm f/10. Sets up on a table, tracks well, has 32mm and 6.7 mm wide angle EPs and a 2X barlow.

Loaned/Stored by: Ed P.

This telescope should soon be able to be checked out from the Crozet Library.

The telescope comes with a sturdy tripod and wedge and uses an AC motor to track the night sky when properly polar aligned. The scope will fit in the trunk or back seat of a car. The scope is excellent for viewing the moon, the planets and most deep sky objects.  Yes, we have two of  this same telescope.

Loaned/Stored by: Rich D.

This scope comes with table legs or tripod and can be used in Altitude/Azimuth or Right Ascension/Declination mode. The scope is very portable but learning how to operate the computer control can take time. The scope is battery powered. The scope has the ability to find hundreds of objects but the size of the mirror limits what you will be able to see well.

Loaned/Stored by: Larry S.

CaK Scope Image

This telescope can piggy-back on a scope with a ¼-20 adapter or be used on a heavy duty camera tripod. This scope views the sun at the short wavelength violet/blue end of the visible spectrum. Older observers may have difficulty seeing significant detail because the eye becomes less sensitive to this wavelength with age. The scope can be used with a webcam to image the sun.  Loaned/Stored by: Ed P.

H-Alpha Solar Image

White Light Filter Image

The double telescope is piggybacked on German Equatorial Mount (GEM) w/ clock drive. This scope needs to be roughly polar aligned to track the sun or objects in the night sky. The 4″ refractor also has a removable white light solar filter. The refractor will give excellent images of the moon and planets.

Loaned/Stored by: Ed P.

4.5″ Celestron Dob (Converted 4.5″ reflector to Dob).  Loaned to Sue M. 3/1/17. (Picture not available yet.)

10″ Meade Deep Sky DS-10, f/4.5.  Equatorial mount on short pier. 120 volt clock drive with friction clutch drive.  Finder rings (no finder scope).  Telrad base.  Fits only 1.25″ EP or camera.  No EPs. (Picture not available yet.)  Stored by Ed P.

8″ Orange Tube Celestron SCT, no mount.  Stored by Rich D.

    (1) Aluminum hard-sided pluck-foam eyepiece/equipment case

    (1) Plastic Orion eyepiece case

    (1) 26″ Plastic Toolbox with tray and built in storage bins

    (1) 26″ Yellow Plano Toolbox

    (1) Radio Shack 140 Watt DC to AC Inverter

    (1) TrippLite 300 Watt DC to AC Power Inverter

    (1) 12.5″ Aluminum Hartman Mask for Celestron C11

    (1 Set) Astrodon 1.25 True-Balance LRGB Filters