September 5, 2012 Meeting at McCormick Observatory

Our September meeting guest speaker will be University of Virginia Graduate Student, Guillermo Damke.  The meeting starts at 6:45 pm.

Guillermo will present Astronomy in the Southern Hemisphere, specifically Chile.  He will discuss professional observatories in Chile, what telescopes/instruments are there, why they were built there (geographical/atmospheric conditions) as well as some of the very interesting astronomical objects that are only accessible from the Southern hemisphere.  He will present  pictures that he has taken from some telescopes while observing there plus pictures of different observatories.  He will also show some amateur observatories that are run by municipalities that attract thousands of tourists per year. All of this is possible because of the exceptional conditions of the night skies. Finally, he will discuss the efforts made by observatories and government to keep the darkness of the skies by enacting a lighting law.

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