November 6, 2013 Charlottesville Astronomical Society Meeting, 6:45 pm Start

Tom FieldReal Time Spectroscopy (Rspec)

This will be a Video Lecture from Tom Field in Seattle.

A colorful spectrum can rightly be called a “fingerprint of a star.” Spectra reveal the composition, temperature, and movement of stars. In the past, only professionals had the skill and equipment to study spectra. Recently, the cost and complexity of the necessary hardware and software has dropped enormously. Today, you can easily study the spectra of stars and planets with a minimum of expense. If you have a telescope and a CCD camera (even a webcam or DSLR), then all you need is an inexpensive Star Analyser grating and the RSpec software. It’s an exciting pursuit. We invite you to join the growing number of amateur astronomers who have discovered the thrilling adventure of  spectroscopy!

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