Messier Marathon at Fan Mountain, March 21, 2015

Messier MarathonFor all club members interested in participating in a Messier Marathon, CAS has made arrangements to conduct a Messier Marathon at the University of Virginia’s Fan Mountain Observatory on the night of Saturday, March 14 (6:00 PM) on into the morning of March 15, 2015 with March 21, 2015 as a backup date.  The New Moon will be on March 20 so the 14th is not the best night of 2015 to hunt down all 110 Messier Objects; but we need to hedge our bets with the weather.  March 21st will be our backup date if the 14th is canceled.

Looking for tips on how to complete a Messier Marathon in one evening?  Check out this Messier Marathon Tips page on the SEDS Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) website.

RAIN has CANCELED the March 14th date.  This event has been moved to March 21st.

Rain or cloudy sky will cancel this event….please watch the yahoo news group for updates.

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