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May CAS Meeting

Where Do Planets Come From?

Presented by Jonathan Paul Ramsey
Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Protoplanetary Disk

May 6, 2020 @ 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

With more than 4000 confirmed exoplanets, evidently, planet formation is common. There is also mounting evidence from observations, theory, and meteorites that planet formation starts very early (within 1 Myr after the formation of the host star). How do we then form and grow planets frequently and quickly enough to match the evidence?

I will present a very brief review of our current understanding of planet formation, before focusing on what I believe are the most likely ways to form and grow planets. I will then present previous and ongoing research on how newborn planets grow, potentially to the sizes that we see in our own Solar System. Finally, I will close with a laundry list of outstanding challenges and unanswered questions in the field.

Meeting will be conducted virtually. Directions will be sent to CAS Members.


Organizer – Larry Saunders