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August CAS Meeting

August 5, 2020 @ 7:00 pm 9:00 pm

Creating a More Complete Radio Image

Jennifer Donovan Meyer, NRAO

Including the dusty and gaseous components of our universe is essential to our understanding of astronomical sources, from protoplanetary disks to molecular clouds in galaxies to galaxy clusters.

How these sources are born, grow, evolve, and (in some cases) ultimately die and have their materials recycled cannot be fully described if we exclude the roles of dust and gas. We must turn to radio wavelengths for this view of the universe; without radio imaging, these components are invisible. However, as a result of the observational methods that we have at our disposal to observe radio wavelengths and create images from these observations, we can introduce a bias into what we observe.

In many cases, combining complementary methods (or the images created by them) to create a more accurate radio image provides a more complete look at the astronomical sources that we want to understand. In this talk, I will describe and show examples of radio observations of different kinds of astronomical sources, the ground based observational techniques we use to make those observations, and why it’s been historically difficult — but important — to combine these techniques.

I will also describe a new feature that is being released this summer in the CASA software package to make doing this combination more accessible for the radio astronomy community.

Meeting will be conducted virtually. Directions will be sent to CAS Members.


Organizer – Larry Saunders